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It was an amazing show. No. It was an amazing gift. For all of us. For those who are united by heart, by soul, by our feelings and emotions.

I say: Thank you, Mike. Despite you told us not to say thank you. Thank you for all these fifteen years that I'm together with Linkin Park and with Fort Minor and now with you.

I made no photos, no videos 'cause l wished to see you, to hear you, to feel you, to share with you our emotions, to dissolve in the miracle you gave us. Our love and support are always with you.

Thank you.
  • Leonid, 02.09.2018 12:17 #

    Жду отзыва на концерт Меладзе )
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    • polozkaya, 02.09.2018 12:17 #

      Не дождетесь
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      • Leonid, 02.09.2018 12:18 #

        я много чего не дождусь )
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